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[30DNC] Some words for NEWS
lost marbles

There's zero chance I ever get to meet them in person. Yet I can't help wondering at times what I could say if it did happen... Nothing really comes to mind, however, apart from the phrase they get to hear a lot: "Thank you for everything, my support is always with you". (crying in front of my fave idols is mortifying to even imagine but I'm afraid it could happen, too, I'm an emotional mess %D)
Anyway, even in this post it's difficult to say more than that phrase, it seems to be the bottom line:

Thank you.
You're part of my life now, and it makes a difference. I like you and respect you and wish you all the happiness possible

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Congrats on finishing the challenge! Although I have to say you are so bad at this! XD

Thank you! 30 occasions of me saying "I just like them okay"... can't believe somebody has actually been patient enough to read any of it :)) Was fun though

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