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[30DNC] Day 27: A very "NEWS-y" song
lost marbles
Uh-oh. Another tough one! All their songs are so different, and I love this diversity, it's really hard for me to pinpoint where exactly the NEWS-y sound kicks in. But there are quite a lot of songs that I can by no means imagine performed by any other group I know without it feeling weird
(even apart from those that obviously belong to them only, like "share", "Ai Kotoba", "NEWS Nippon", the solos or KoyaShige's crazy stuff)...
To give a few examples: "DREAMS", "Hoshi wo Mezashite", "Nantoka naru sa", "Fly Again", "Hadashi no Cinderella Boy", most of LIVE album and almost all 4nin era songs (except "Summer Lover" or "Sweet Martini", that, imo, have no special flavour to them... sorry for the harsh wording).


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